Hearing Loss Claims - shipyard/maritime workers and overseas contractors

Hearing loss is personal to me - I am 100% deaf in one ear and have significant loss of hearing in the other.  Hearing loss presents challenges in all aspects of life, and it can lead to isolation, depression, inability to work safely in some environments - a host of problems.  Insurance companies sometimes downplay hearing loss as an injury.  I do not.
The Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act provides medical treatment and compensation for work-related hearing loss caused by loud noise for certain workers in maritime employment.  In New England, people who work at BIW in Maine or Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in New Hampshire and are not federal employees may be eligible for Longshore benefits.  People working at other maritime facilities may also be covered - if the work is on or adjacent to the water, both State workers' compensation and the Longshore Act may apply.  If you have been hurt in any job that has a potential maritime connection, even if you are currently covered under State workers' compensation, do not overlook possible additional rights under the Longshore Act.


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