Doug Grauel

Doug Grauel

Bar Admissions:

New Hampshire & Maine


B.S. Tech. Writing, Carnegie Mellon University 1985
M.A. Rhetoric, The Ohio State University 1989
J.D. With Honors, The Ohio State University 1992

I have worked for injured workers and accident victims for more than thirty years.  I do not work for insurance companies.  I meet my clients myself, do their research myself, answer their questions myself.  I advocate for people who seek only to be fairly compensated for injuries they received while doing their jobs.  I would be happy to discuss your case and explain to you what options I can offer.

Badges & Memberships

On my website you will only see one badge:  "WILG Top Injured Workers' Attorney."  WILG stands for "Work Injury Law & Advocacy Group," and is a national group of lawyers who represent only injured workers in workers' compensation matters.  In my experience, if you have a WILG lawyer on your side, you have a big and dedicated team.  For me, it is the only badge that matters.


Countries we have helped people from:

  • Afghanistan
  • Bosnia
  • Iraq
  • Ireland
  • Jordan
  • Kenya
  • Kosovo
  • North Macedonia
  • United States

Workers Injury Award

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