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[July 15, 2011]
Testimonial from DBA client
Thanks Gary!

[June 28,2011]
HOT COFFEE documentary film
See the truth behind the McDonald's hot coffee case of Stella Liebeck. Corporate America has created the myth of the frivolous lawsuit by lying about injury claims for years. See the truth here, in the documentary film:
Hot Coffee

[June 7, 2011]
Doug's coments on the 100th anniversary of workers' comp are on the web:
Doug's IAIABC reflection

[June 7, 2011]
The Defense Base Act provides workers' compensation benefits for employees of contractors working on U.S. military bases (and certain public works contracts) abroad. It covers American citizens and foreign nationals. The DBA is complicated and many injured workers never get the benefits that they ought to because they are just overwhelmed. If you have received a letter from the OWCP about a DBA or Longshore claim, make sure you understand your rights before you make any important decisions.


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